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Campaigning for the restoration of a railway
between the Suffolk market town of Haverhill and the City of Cambridge
including stations at Linton, Granta Park and Babraham.

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The next meeting of the Rail Haverhill group will be held on Monday 2nd October at 7pm in the Studio at Haverhill Arts Centre. ALL are very welcome!



The next Rail Haverhill group meeting will be held on Monday 2nd October 2017 at 7pm in the Studio at Haverhill Arts Centre. ALL are very welcome.

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Rail Haverhill
The Rail Haverhill group campaigns for the restoration of a railway link between the City of Cambridge and the fast growing market town of Haverhill in Suffolk.
In 1967 such a link was closed down, post Beeching cuts, just as the town was expanding from its then population of 4,000 to its current population of close to 30,000. Over the next 15 years it is expected to expand by another 10,000 persons as a further 3,700 houses are scheduled to be built. Haverhill is isolated due to its poor road network and is rapidly becoming a dormitory town because both business and people do not want to have to use a road network that is failing. Only by restoring a railway link can the town once again become a thriving source of both jobs and people.
The proposed rail link will not only join the two main centres but also link beyond to London, Peterborough and the north, Norwich and, via the new East/West rail link, to cities such as Milton Keynes and Oxford. At the same time it will link the expanding science centres at Granta Park and Babraham to Cambridge, Haverhill and beyond.
We are now affiliated to the East Anglian branch of Railfuture. An independent group campaigning for a better passenger and freight network across the whole country. They are experts in this field and we hope our affiliation will bring our own campaign much needed publicity.
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